Loan Service Advisor

Loan Service Advisor (LSA) is an extremely convenient yet smart paying option for becoming a Channel Partner.

Who can be an LSA?

Anybody who can develop an understanding of products offered by Hari Advisory Fincorp Private Limited (HARI ADVISORY) and has / can provide leads related to loans and / or insurance products can be an LSA. Thus, an LSA may be a student, a housewife, a working professional, a self-employed or a person living life on own terms.

How can one become an LSA?

One can easily become an LSA by contacting the Hari Advisory Team and completing the documentary formalities and depositing a one-time non-refundable registration amount of Rs 300/- (rupees three hundred only). You are required to submit application form (attached) with a proof of address and recent passport sized photograph. The enrolment form is attached for your convenience.

What will be the role and responsibility of an LSA?

LSA will:

  • Identify the scope and potential in the market it is operating.
  • Promote various services and product offering on behalf on HARI ADVISORY.
  • Generate leads and share the complete details with the sales representative employed by HARI ADVISORY.
  • Will complete all the stages and formalities as directed by HARI ADVISORY.
  • Disclose personal details to the prospects and customers it is serving or intends to serve.
  • Not provide any information that misguides, confuses or is false to the prospects and customers.
  • Complete the formalities in the manner desired and directed by HARI ADVISORY at all times.
  • Not provide and consider incomplete information.
  • Not consider cases that can adversely affect the image and functioning of HARI ADVISORY and its alliances or associates.
  • Not accept money from the prospect or customer in any form without prior permission and written approval from HARI ADVISORY.
  • Will inform regarding the new case to designated sales representative of HARI ADVISORY within 24 hours of completing the formalities like filling up of the form and collecting necessary documents from the applicant.
  • NOT negotiate or enter in to contract or agreement on behalf of HARI ADVISORY.

What are the benefits for an LSA?

An LSA will get the following benefits:

  • Smart earning in terms of commissions.
  • Own business.
  • Being a part of a promising and high-potential financial industry
  • Opportunity to establish new contacts that can be a source of life-long income.
  • No time constraints
  • Just providing a reference (lead) will help you earn if the case materializes.
  • Referral Bonus.

Will I get some benefits if I recommend a Channel Partner?

There is monetary referral benefit associated with such recommendations if the lead provided by you matures into an active Channel Partner and all requisite terms of company are fulfilled.